Nigel started InsideOut Painting with his brother Geoff in 2007 while he was at the University of Manitoba. They started small with Nigel handling most of the painting himself, while his brother did the estimating. Their focus was on good quality prep and good service. Over the years they grew, adding on other full-time painters, many of which are still with them today!

Nigel graduated from the University of Manitoba. He is a professional painter and has worked for over 14 years, painting projects throughout the Winnipeg area. He is a sports enthusiast who plays soccer, curling, ultimate frisbee, and any other sport when he is given the chance. He manages the production side of the business, their awesome painters, and making sure their clients are happy!


Eventually, Ben took over for Geoff, who left to pursue other opportunities.

Ben graduated from the University of Manitoba and before InsideOut Painting worked in the painting and construction industry. He also spent time living in Colombia (where his wife is from) and speaks Spanish close to fluently. He handles the estimating and administration side of the business.

Over the past 14 years, InsideOut has completed over 1500 projects and has employed anywhere from 10 to 16 painters depending on the demands of the season.

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Ben Pennington and Nigel Milnes

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