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Painting your interior can freshen up your home in a big way and affect your mood in a positive way. Painting is one of the biggest bang for your buck changes you can make and as professionals we make sure we take all the proper steps so you’ll be delighted with the finished appearance.

One common question people have is how much will it cost to paint their interior painting project. It’s difficult to give an accurate price without an onsite visit as there are lots of elements that could affect the amount of time involved and product needed such as wall height, ease of access, amount of prep work required, caulking and filling that may be required, priming that may be required, number of coats required, paint chosen and many other factors. If you want a firm quote, we would have to do an onsite visit to provide you with that.

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Here are a few interior painting jobs we’ve done in the past including costs:


In this River Heights home we repaired and patched cracking in the plaster walls, caulked and filled all trim and then applied two coats of paint on all ceilings, walls, closet and trim.

This interior paint job cost approximately $1400


In this River Heights kitchen remodel (with connecting side hallway) we removed all old wallpaper from all surfaces, patched and repaired the surface afterwards, and then applied two coats of paint on all ceilings, walls and trim.

The wallpaper removal and surface preparation portion cost approximately $1100.
The painting portion cost approximately $1400.
Total was approximately $2500


In this Bridgwater Home, we patched and painted two coats on all main floor common area walls (front entrance, sitting room, kitchen/dining area, living room, hallway and basement stairwell), as well a section of the ceiling and several feature walls in the basement.

This interior paint job cost approximately $5600

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Cost for Interior Painting*

(Includes Paint)

To give you an idea though of what it might cost, here are some average prices for certain size rooms and different surfaces within. These estimates can vary even more depending on other factors such as number of coats, amount of prep work needed, etc. but this will give you an idea before we come.


Small Room 10×12
352 Sq FtWall Surface$400 to $525
44 Linear FtBaseboard$87-$140
120 Sq FtCeiling$125 to $150
Both SidesDoor & Casing$125 to $175
Medium Room 12 x 15
432 Sq FtWall Surface$490 to $610
54 Linear FtBaseboard$115 to $174
180 Sq FtCeiling$175 to $225
Both SidesDoor & Casing$125 to $175
Large Room 18 x 15
528 Sq FtWall Surface$575 to $710
66 Linear FtBaseboard$129 to $215
270 Sq FtCeiling$305 to 355
Both SidesDoor & Casing$125 to $175

These prices are calculated using a ceiling height of Eight feet.

* The pricing lists serves as a guide only and not an offer. While the prices are accurate other conditionsmay affect the overall price such as surface conditions, color change, or paint selection.

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