Deck Staining

We are happy to stain your deck. We can even strip and/or sand it down to refinish it, if you’d like. These processes can be time consuming, but look really nice in the end!

We need to stress that decks need to be maintained. Clear coats should ideally be re-coated annually, semi-transparent stains should be done every two years and solid stains typically every three to five years.

Decks receive a lot more wear and tear due to foot traffic, shovels and moving chairs and tables. Also because it’s a flat surface, moisture can accumulate and sit on top of the surface.

Moisture can also enter through other areas that we aren’t able to stain, such as underneath the deck or lattice or other pillars that touch the ground. Plus because it’s a “stain” and not a paint means it’s thinner. This is especially seen with clear coats and semi-transparent stains, so the sun breaks it down faster and then the wood can grey.

All that is being said, decks should be redone regularly to maintain their appearance and protect the wood.
Staining your wood deck
Maintaining Your Deck
Tips for Applying Solid Deck Stain

Professional Deck Painting and Staining in Winnipeg

Decks provide an outdoor space for families to relax and entertain. However, the harsh Winnipeg climate can take a toll on decks, which is why deck staining is so important. The right paint or deck stain can extend the life of your deck and increase your home's value.

InsideOut Painting provides affordable deck staining and painting services. We will help you create the perfect look for your outdoor space with a solid colour or natural wood. Contact us for a free consultation for expert deck staining services in Winnipeg.

Deck Painting by InsideOut

High-Quality Deck Staining Services in Winnipeg

Professional deck staining revitalizes natural wood grains. Our deck staining helps prevent rot, insect infestation, and wood decay. We use an oil-based type of stain to enhance the wood's natural features and provide a beautiful, rich colour. To achieve a long-lasting and natural wood appeal, we stain the deck with two applications of oil-based stains. We offer deck stains in many attractive colours, such as brown, blue, gray, and natural. For example, rich brown stains blend perfectly with the natural surroundings.

painting wooden stairs

Premier Deck Restoration in Winnipeg

Our team provides one-of-a-kind deck restoration in Winnipeg to transform your deck. We can strip, wash, sand, seal, and replace deck boards. We use a low-pressure wash with deck cleaners to remove mould, mildew, and algae.

Next, the sanding process restores the look of your deck by removing loose fibres that make the surface appear outdated. Next, we use a chemical stripper to remove old stains, resulting in an even finish. To complete the restoration process, we apply a sealant to protect the wood's natural colour and appearance.

Experienced Deck Painters in Winnipeg

A fresh coat of paint can make your deck look more visually appealing. After cleaning off debris and checking that all boards are still in good condition, we will prepare your deck for painting. Our deck painters in Winnipeg use paints that reduce slippage and provide protection from outdoor elements.

Work with an Experienced Painting Company

InsideOut Painting provides professional deck staining, painting, and restoration services in Winnipeg. Deck staining may seem simple, but the process takes time and planning. For the best results, hire a professional offering quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

Contact InsideOut Painting at (204) 489-1361 today for deck staining in Winnipeg.

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