Scraping, more scraping, sanding, more sanding….you get the point.

We like doing prep….well maybe that choice of words is too strong….but we do it, and we make sure we do it right. If you’ve ever tried to prep for a paint job before, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a lot of work and requires a lot of effort and elbow grease.

Our goal is to do a thorough prep job.

We fully scrape all peeling paint from the surface and then we will power sand all scraped areas to reduce the ridging as much as possible. Then we caulk and fill any joints or cracks in your windows or any other area that might allow moisture to enter into the structure. Once we’ve done this, we proceed to prime all bare areas of wood with a high-quality exterior primer.

Different surfaces may require different primers such as a high-quality acrylic primer or an oil-based primer to prevent stains from bleeding through to the top coat. Once the primer is dry, we will apply two coats of a premium exterior paint.

Why two coats? Isn’t one ok?

Two coats usually provides the best coverage. More often than not, It will give the surface an even appearance, cover the previous color, any spot-primed areas, and also help to even out the sheen so it doesn’t appear streaky. Two coats are the way to go in our books and should be in yours!

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