Deck Portfolio

We believe our deck staining expertise is second to none! At InsideOut Painting, we can strip, sand, and/or refinish your deck however you would like it. 

Decks need more maintenance than the walls of your home, as they see more wear and tear due to foot traffic, shovels, and moving chairs and tables. 

Clear coats should be done annually. If you have semi-transparents stains on your deck, those should be reapplied every two years. Solid stains typically need to be reapplied every three to five years. 

Staining a deck needs to be done with a certain level of care and expertise. Since stain is thinner than paint, moisture can enter through areas that aren’t covered thick leading to water damage and rotting tendencies. If not done correctly, the sun will break down the stain quickly and the wood will grey. At InsideOut Painting, we take the time to do things right.

Our expert team knows how to stain a deck correctly and will ensure that your deck will maintain its beautiful appearance and that the stain protects the wood adequately. 

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