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Let's face it - Winnipeg has a harsh climate, with large variations in outside temperatures from season to season. Our extremely high preparation standards will ensure that the paint that is applied to your home or business, will outlast your expectatons.

At InsideOut Painting - we are your premium Winnipeg exterior painting service.  Our focus is on doing top notch preparation work so that your paint job and your home stands up to our extreme weather. We use the highest quality materials available on the market and we never cut corners!

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Areas that can be painted

Eaves, Facia, Soffits

Stucco, Brick, Foundations

Garage doors and carports

Window and Door Frames

Doors, Tudor Boards, Decorative Trim

Fences, Gates

Decks, Patios, Porches



Wood Siding

Vinyl Siding

And Much More!


For the exterior of your home, the prep is the most important part of the job before applying the final coats of paint. We will thoroughly scrape all non-adhering paint from the surface and then caulk and fill all joints or cracks. We will wipe off the bare wood surface and then prime it completely so that the premium exterior paint we put on top will last! Other situations may call for other preparation solutions depending on the surface, condition and desired goal.


On the exterior-the trim is typically painted with Semi-Gloss, while a large surface such as the stucco or siding is painted with a Flat or Satin paint. We are willing to modify this to suit your needs though! We only use the highest quality products to ensure you get a long lasting paint job!


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