Exterior Portfolio

We at Inside Out Painting believes our exterior painting expertise prep is second to none! Without proper exterior painting prep work, the job will not look professional and perfect. Our Winnipeg painters are top-notch and take the time to fully scrape all peeling paint from the surface. We will also power sand all scraped surfaces to reduce ridging as much as possible. There are few painting companies in Winnipeg who will take the time to take these extra steps to ensure you have the best painting job you can get. 

All joints and cracks in your windows and other areas are also filled to minimize water infiltration. Our goal at Inside Out Painting is to maximize the lifespan of your painting project. 

After this work is complete, we move onto priming all bare areas of wood. Priming is essential when you are looking at exterior painting Winnipeg homes and properties. It ensures that the paint will adhere to the surface of the wood properly. 

Once the primer is dry, two coats of paint are applied of a premium exterior paint. Our goal at Inside Out Painting is to ensure that you have the most professional looking painting job when we complete your exterior painting project. 

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