Painting your stucco is a great way to improve the street side look and feel of your home!

We are experts at painting stucco, from the smoothest stucco surfaces to very rough, textured stucco surfaces. The most effective way of painting stucco is using an airless sprayer which allows us to thoroughly cover every nook and cranny of the stucco surface with paint.

Before we spray, we properly mask and cover all areas of your home to avoid getting paint overspray on unwanted areas such as windows, PVC and aluminum trim, aluminum soffits, etc. Using only a roller to apply the paint is a bad idea, as even with smoother stucco surfaces, you will most likely miss spots that will be noticeable at a later date.

Before we paint your stucco, we will pressure wash the surface to make sure it’s clean, scrape any peeling paint from the surface, patch and fill any caulks and holes in the stucco, and apply a primer where needed.

Sometimes, Stucco has a chalky surface that will need additional pressure washing and a TSP cleaning prior to painting. Additionally, a special masonry sealer, specifically designed to address the chalkiness on the surface, is needed. This step is absolutely vital to ensure the applied paint will adhere to the surface. Without this step, the paint will just "sit" on the surface in various areas and will easily crack and peeling away.

Professional Stucco Painting Services in Winnipeg

An ordinary building can transform into a home with a quality coat of paint. You'll be amazed at what a new layer of paint on your stucco can do to refresh your home's exterior. At InsideOut Painting, we provide stucco painting in Winnipeg to transform the look of your stucco.

We provide stucco painting, stucco repair, and exterior painting services. Our expert painters know how to paint stucco and exterior walls to protect your home against weather damage. If you need assistance with stucco painting or commercial painting projects, contact us today for a free estimate.

Top-rated Winnipeg Stucco Painting

Finding the right paint company should be the first step for your Winnipeg stucco painting project. Stucco has a varied texture that consists of breathable materials such as lime and sand. Stucco paint will protect your home from rain, snow, and water damage when applied correctly.

Our painters will coat your stucco with top-grade, durable, and long-lasting acrylic paint. We use an airless sprayer that penetrates every nook and cranny of the surface. Our team has over 15 years of experience and guarantees on-time completion on all Winnipeg stucco painting jobs.


Hire Our Experts for Painting Stucco in Winnipeg

Our team uses keen attention to detail and quality workmanship for painting stucco in Winnipeg. Stucco surfaces vary in texture, such as swirled, raked, laced, smooth, or pebbled. Our painters use expert techniques to combine paint and texture to achieve a unique look.

We start stucco painting in Winnipeg by power washing, removing peeling paint, and priming the surface to help the paint stick to the surface. Painting stucco in Winnipeg offers many benefits, including enhanced curb appeal, UV protection, and vibrant colour options.

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Professional Stucco Repair in Winnipeg

Stucco may develop cracks, pitting, and fading over time. We start every exterior painting job by repairing your stucco and filling any cracks or holes to create a smooth canvas. Afterward, we prime and paint the stucco, and our painters will match or help you choose a new colour. We prime surfaces and apply stucco coatings to repel stains, mould, and mildew.

We recommend exterior stucco painting every five years for long-term preservation.

Experience the InsideOut Painting Difference

InsideOut Painting is among the top painting companies in Winnipeg. Our professional team ensures that all stucco painting projects meet our high standards. We provide expert stucco repair in Winnipeg and use moisture-resistant paint to prevent rot and decay.

Contact InsideOut Painting today to work with experienced and licensed painters for stucco painting in Winnipeg. Call us at (204) 489-1361.

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