Stucco Portfolio

We believe our painting stucco house expertise is second to none! At InsideOut Painting we are experts at painting stucco. Not all stucco homes are the same. Some are smooth surfaces and some are very rough, textured stucco surfaces. 

First, we will prep the surface of your home by pressure washing the stucco to make sure it is clean. We will patch and caulk any holes or crack and apply primer, where needed. Sometimes a special masonry sealer is needed to address the chalkiness of the stucco surface. This is a very important step to ensure that new paint will adhere to the surface of the stucco. Otherwise it will begin to lift, chip, and peel. We take stucco painting Winnipeg homes seriously! 

InsideOut Painting uses an airless sprayer which allows us to thoroughly cover every nook and cranny of the stucco surface with paint. As experts, we know that using only a roller to apply the paint to stucco surfaces is a bad idea, as even with smoother stucco, you will miss spots that will be noticeable at a later date.We want you pleased with our work! 

Before we spray, we properly mask and cover all areas of your home to avoid getting paint overspray on unwanted areas such as windows, PVC and aluminum trim, aluminum soffits, etc.

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